MiniAmp™ Plus Thermal Cycler

MiniAmp™ Plus Thermal Cycler
Catalog number: A37835
The Applied Biosystems MiniAmp Plus Thermal Cycler is a compact, accurate, and economical thermal cycler designed to fit your lab’s basic thermal cycling needs. Innovations like a responsive color touch-screen and VeriFlex Blocks temperature-control technology enable simple, accurate optimization. The MiniAmp Plus Thermal Cycler can be accessed through Thermo Fisher Connect, giving you the freedom to design and securely upload your methods from any mobile device or desktop computer.

Key features and benefits:
VeriFlex Blocks—with three independent temperature zones for precise temperature control over your PCR optimization
5-inch intuitive color touch-screen—for easy programming and training of new users
Small footprint—With dimensions of 19 cm wide and 39 cm deep, you can fit the MiniAmp Thermal Cycler almost anywhere. And because its airflow is front to back, you can set multiple units side by side to save valuable bench space.
WiFi-enabled and accessible by Thermo Fisher Connect—giving you the freedom to design and securely upload your methods from any mobile device or desktop computer

Applied Biosystems PCR plastics
Applied Biosystems PCR plastics have been designed and validated to work with our thermal cyclers for more than 25 years. Options for every format and throughput need are available to ensure consistent, precise results for any experiment


Width (Metric)
19 cm
Depth (Metric)
39 cm
Height (Metric)
20 cm
Width (English)
7.5 in.
Depth (English)
15.4 in.
Height (English)
7.9 in.
100/240 V
500 w
Block Configurations
96-Well, 0.2 mL 3-zone VeriFlex
Max. Ramp Rate
3.5°C/Sec (Block), 2.7°C/Sec (Sample)
Thermal Uniformity
<0.5°C (30 Sec After Reaching 95°C)
Thermal Accuracy
±0.0.25°C (35°C to 99.9°C)
Thermal Range
0°C to 100°C
Product Type
Thermal Cycler
96-well plate
MiniAmp™ Plus Thermal Cycler
High-throughput Compatibility
High-throughput Compatible
For Use With (Equipment)
Applied Biosystems GeneAmp plastics consumables
Shipping Condition
Approved for shipment at Room Temperature or on Wet Ice
Product Line
Applied Biosystems™
96 wells
Display Type
5 in. Color TFT LCD
For Use With (Application)
Weight (Metric)
5.9 kg
Weight (English)
13 lb.
Reaction Speed
Fast or Standard

Contents & Storage

MiniAmp Thermal Cycler including country specific power cord

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